Most children start with a fish as their first pet. Inspire a lifelong passion and respect for animals by getting them started on the right path. Avoid beginner mistakes and enjoy your first pet for years with our Boo & Bubbles series! Available for purchase here.

sck-portraits-8306-2Author – Dr. Jessie Sanders

Jessie Sanders, DVM, CertAqV is the chief veterinarian and owner of Aquatic Veterinary Services. Dr. Sanders is a certified aquatic veterinarian through the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, specializing in aquatic veterinary surgery. More information about Dr. Sanders can be found on Aquatic Veterinary Services website, or her personal website.


p1020124Illustrator – Connie Williams

Connie Williams specializes in jazz art, dance and design art, commissioned paintings, medical illustrations, children’s literature illustration, murals and land, river and seascapes.


Where can I purchase Boo & Bubbles?

All books are now available on Amazon Prime. Visit Dr. Sanders’ Author Page to view and purchase the series.